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Mick Baxter
07.07.2018, 01:26
David Kunzle schrieb 1973:

I would propose a definition in which a »comic strip«of any period, in any country, fulfills the following condi-tions: 1). There must be a sequence of separate images;2). There must be a preponderance of image over text;3). The medium in which the strip appears and for whichit is originally intended must be reproductive, that is, inprinted form, a mass medium; 4). The sequence must tell a story which is both moral and topical.

Da muß man erst mal drauf kommen!

Und Coulton Waugh schrieb 1947:

"Comics usually have a continuing character who becomes the reader's dear friend, whom he looks forward to meeting day after day or Sunday after Sunday."
Das krieg ich schon mit den Katzenjammer Kids nicht so richtig zusammen.